3 Word Wednesday

This was my first time visiting Three Word Wednesday.  I had a lot of fun with this.  For this week the words were:


by longhorndave
by longhorndave

I can’t write to you…

You understand, don’t you?

The silence is deafening, the tension so high.  I’m drinking tea, looking at each passing face from this salmon colored chair.  Yet all I see are images with no story.  Blurred faces vanishing into the next scene.

I would welcome the noise if I could hear it.  You told me how you needed me to say something.  You texted me your longing, yet all I can do is sit here, fractured, drumming my chipped nails against this perfect porcelain plate.

Perhaps you will leave now.  Annoyed.  Frustrated.

And I will remain, sipping this tea, inhaling its fragrance.

Welcoming a caress that you could never offer.

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