Friday Night


Hugin´s friends

Can I bear the pain of pain?

Can I simply

Numbness – yet another dancing partner
Stepping on my toes, whispering sweet nothings

Empty things
Things on black wings
Smelling of
Cold sweat
And turpentine

Devi, your alter ego is devouring me

The feast is lasting long into the night

The Dark Mother has me in her grip

I am seduced

(photo by Alice Popkorn)


I wanted to light the world ablaze with writing 50K works this month. I did, I really did. Unfortunately, my storyline was flawed and my heart fell a bit into my solar plexus. Still, I couldn’t let this month go by without making any progress at all. After some serious mental friction, I wanted to put the whole thing into an old tin can and kick it to the side of the curb. Then last night, I had a dream… Something I’d often imagined became a ‘felt experience.’ This afternoon I got to work.

I came up with a 45 (ish) word nugget for my storyline as per the great advice of James V. Smith, Jr., author of, “You Can Write a Novel.” Believe me, I’ve read many books on this subject – tried various writing software – and this trumps them all in terms of the actual nuts and bolts of putting a novel together. I highly recommend it for a minimal amount of explanation and for cutting right to the chase.

And as for my synopsis? Unless you’re a diehard fiction writer, I doubt it would be very interesting to you at this stage.  (For those folks, please email me).  On this rainy November night, I celebrate the creative spark that links all creative souls.

(Thank you to Sunday Scribblings for the writing prompt!)

Update on Novel Writing Software

…Specifically yWriter and StorYBook.  I wrote an indepth review of each, but I wanted to give a quick commentary on some hands-on writing experience.  I’m using both just to see which I’ll prefer in the long run.  So far I like them both for different reasons, lol.  I love the ease and friendliness of StorYBook.  I love that I can have multiple strands organized in a storybook format.  What I’m not crazy about is the customer service  – I’ve written the developers twice and have had no response.  Maybe I’m doing something wrong or they’re on vacation or… I really hope it’s not that they just are not available and could care less.  There is a forum so I’ll try to ask my questions there…

In regards to yWriter, I love that the developer is totally on top of questions – he doesn’t have a lot of time, but he always manages to respond to requests for info.  Plus, everything in yWriter is very easy to find and use.  I can’t wait to write more just to see what it will do.

And that brings me to writing… I’m in research mode still and will be there for a while.  It’s tough when your fingers are itching to just WRITE and yet you know you CAN’T because there is too much info you still need.  Frustrating!  I do have some great chapter quotes that are accumulating though… Will try and post one or two tomorrow.


I haven’t written here in few days because I’m in research mode for a story based on the concept of parallel worlds / hyperspace.  Yeah.. just doing a little light reading trying to understand the physics behind the idea.  Michio Kaku’s books give some great insight, so if I’m not staying as up to date as I could, you know why!  Speaking of which… I’ve got to get back to it.  Hopefully I can post a chapter in the next month.  🙂

I wrote the story I wanted to read…

Well… not yet.  🙂 I just saw this sentence on a writer’s blog and it really struck me.  I’ve been struggling with the best idea (of the many ideas that pop into my head) for my first ever novel.  What ends up happening is that by the time I really sit and think about getting from A to Z, I’ve decided the idea sucks pickles.

(Note to self:  read the post on suckage below, yet AGAIN.)

But have I truly considered writing the story I myself would like to read?  Maybe I’ve dissed some great ideas simply because I immediately think, “Oh, nobody would be interested in that…”  Maybe I shouldn’t care so much about what others would think .

(Note to self:  look up at your blog tagline)

I will be musing this tidbit of advice over the next day.  I think there is something important bubbling beneath the surface…