Nepenthe “Alien” – Midweek Blues Entry

Big Sur Aug 2009 087

This is the famous Nepenthe… alien?… that I always love to photograph whenever we’re in Big Sur.   We just got back from a camping trip to Pfeiffer and on the way back we had to have lunch at our favorite place.  So often the sun casts this guy in shadow, but hopefully you can see the blue.  If anyone knows the history of this fellow, do tell!

Here’s just a few more shots cuz I can’t resist.  🙂

Big Sur Aug 2009 089

… The good news about camping is that our son has learned how to pee in the woods.  The bad news is that now he wants to pee on any flora/ fauna he comes across, including the flowers in front of the house.

Big Sur Aug 2009 091