The Love Guru – Review

Thought I’d create a category for book / movie reviews.  They involve writing, right?  🙂

Well, without further ado, let me give my honest opinion of The Love Guru, by Mike Meyers.  In a word:  Rock On!

Make that two words… this movie deserved it after all the mudslinging it’s had to endure.  I even heard it was dubbed the worst movie of the year?  I don’t understand the negative press – it was a riot.  I was giggling the entire time.  Maybe the beauty of my experience is that I saw it way after all the hoopla.   This movie gave me exactly what I thought (and hoped) it would:  a hilarious rip on the whole New Age movement, including the lip service given to guru types in general. 

I felt the writing was great – it tapped into a lot New Age subtext that I think went right over people’s heads.  I happen to have been through some of that crap about a dozen years ago.  I currently work for someone addicted to self-help tapes of all kinds.  Sometimes all I can do is cringe and staple my lips together.

So… THANK YOU Mike Meyers for a great Friday night.  Marishka Hargitay. 🙂

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