I wrote the story I wanted to read…

Well… not yet.  🙂 I just saw this sentence on a writer’s blog and it really struck me.  I’ve been struggling with the best idea (of the many ideas that pop into my head) for my first ever novel.  What ends up happening is that by the time I really sit and think about getting from A to Z, I’ve decided the idea sucks pickles.

(Note to self:  read the post on suckage below, yet AGAIN.)

But have I truly considered writing the story I myself would like to read?  Maybe I’ve dissed some great ideas simply because I immediately think, “Oh, nobody would be interested in that…”  Maybe I shouldn’t care so much about what others would think .

(Note to self:  look up at your blog tagline)

I will be musing this tidbit of advice over the next day.  I think there is something important bubbling beneath the surface…

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