One Single Impression – Fog

by alice popkorn
photo by alice popkorn

You can speak now
I am ready; I will drink your scorpion tea.
Even this axe in my heart is
Beautiful in the mist.

Your knowing smile makes me wonder…
Have you come to offer me solace
Or to lead me astray

No matter:  I have found my center.
Alone, I see what I did not see before.
Strength steals through my soul
This fog has taught me a thing or two.


(OSI prompt, “Fog”) 

Blossoming into Writer Mode

I’ve taken some time off from writing… got way too self-conscious, self-critical, and stopped having fun with the process.  How long has it been?  A  few months at least. 

BUT I’M BACK, BABY!  I completed a prompt.  It’s not much, granted, but finishing it felt like I’d run a marathon.  It’s not perfect but for once, I don’t care. I chuckled at myself – parts of it even met my “hey, this is cute” meter.  The prompt was kind of ridiculous, but I think I gave it a nice surprise…

Next is the process for starting AND COMPLETING a novel.  I need the experience.  I need to know it’s possible.  If anybody else has been down this road, I welcome your feedback.