The Curly Tailed Beast

Monsters don’t jump out of closets, they clack across old linoleum with big eyes and lolling tongues. They act on impulse, quirk their heads when confused, and jump at the scent of food. Believe me, they have an agenda. Don’t let their outward cuteness sway you – I made that mistake once and pay for it every day. You may very well ask how I live with it.

I won’t bore you with the saga of sharing a small apartment with a pug. Better to ask how clouds form rain. Why E = MC2.  You don’t want to hear about their snoring. Their incessant need to lick everything in sight. The food addiction, the obscene shedding. Life is too short to talk about their half goat/ half pig genetics. These are horrors that would haunt your dreams.

Just beware this beast if you ever come across it. Their eyes will mesmerize you as they reach into your very soul…  you will find yourself reaching out to touch them. My friend, at that point you will be lost and all hope gone. Go to your closet, throw out all your dark clothes and prepare for a new life. Some say their devotion is worth the trade-off. Their love a balm to life’s misfortunes. But I say there is nothing so terrifying as a hungry pug. And just because I *must* kiss my own every day does not mean I have succumbed to his charms. I mean look at that face! He’s so cute annoying. You are warned!



Bad Bangs

(for Evelyn and Bad Bangs across America…  )

I did it to myself

Followed the directions to a T. 

Stepped into the shower and washed out all the goop.

Dripping, I entered a steamy world of white.

The mirror showed me nothing.  Not yet.  Too soon.

Rub, rub… oh the toes were a-tapping.  Time to peek?  Just a little one?


Grab the hair dryer… Point at the mirror… flip the switch and let it roar.

Oh… soon!  Soon the New Me!

Perfect circle forms on glass too revealing, too sharp.

I stand transfixed. 

This cannot be…there must be some mistake!

My hair is strawberry-yellowy?  Incandecent orange?  WHAT THE HELL IS IT?

I grab clippers and feel the vibration in my hand as I ponder.

Bad bangs were the least of my problems. 

I must stop doing this to myself.

And I will…

Right after I fix this. 

Just this. 

Thanks to OSI for the awesome prompt, Incandescent.

Nepenthe “Alien” – Midweek Blues Entry

Big Sur Aug 2009 087

This is the famous Nepenthe… alien?… that I always love to photograph whenever we’re in Big Sur.   We just got back from a camping trip to Pfeiffer and on the way back we had to have lunch at our favorite place.  So often the sun casts this guy in shadow, but hopefully you can see the blue.  If anyone knows the history of this fellow, do tell! 

Here’s just a few more shots cuz I can’t resist.  🙂

Big Sur Aug 2009 089

… The good news about camping is that our son has learned how to pee in the woods.  The bad news is that now he wants to pee on any flora/ fauna he comes across, including the flowers in front of the house. 

Big Sur Aug 2009 091


For a chance to post about the blues visit Rebecca for directions.  Easy peasy!