250 Words

Inner transformation is not an easy path. The human urge to escape pain is a dastardly shadow that seeks to undermine being present. I’ve attempted to break out of the spell of the ego and thinking but honestly never get very far. 250 Words is my attempt to stay real with myself (and is based off the TV show, “800 Words”). I may do this in prose, fiction or who knows what. Sometimes I might even do Byron Katie’s “The Work.” I’m not going to be a strict vegetarian about this. On the other hand I do need accountability.

Currently it’s hot here in California. My allergies are pinging, my son is e-learning because of coronavirus and I’m attempting to re-imagineer my life. I was laid off from a city position that serves the public. Since we don’t currently have a public that meets and learns and plays together, we don’t need a Parks & Rec department. What’s next for me? Where will I land?

Writing has always been in the background of my life, like a melody that doesn’t quite go away. I’m not sure I have a novel in me or anything truly significant to say, so I’m just going to keep blogging and see what rises to the surface. If you feel compelled to explore, you’ll see my fictional work under the Creative Fiction category, which you can click at top of the homepage. I like to think they’re enjoyable and quick reads.

I’ll see you around the campfire. Welcome.

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