What a Difference a Day Makes



Yesterday I won the Lotto.

No, I didn’t.  But I could have…

My child died in a freak accident.  He lays there unmoving and still.

No, my child is fine.  He’s running around with the stick that adjusts our blinds and in his best He-Man voice, he is screaming, “I have the POWER!”

I lost my job.  Then I found a job.

I felt bliss and in touch with the very fabric of Oneness.  Then I felt my stomach clenching in intense loneliness and despair.

It doesn’t take a day for me to imagine the worst and best.  It doesn’t even take a second to contemplate life alone on a cold street corner… or surrounded by family.  A day has power.  But my thoughts can sucker punch me like nobody’s business.

This next week, Thanksgiving week, will be a time for spiritual contemplation.  I have the whole week off from work due to some vacation days and the holiday.  Because my son is in preschool, two of those days will be mine (all mine!) to find out what I have been avoiding in myself and how to come to a deeper level of inner peace.

Can you feel the quickening?  The cosmic urge toward self-reflection?

(Thanks to Sunday Scribblings for this writing prompt.)
(Photo by Christian Hernández)

14 thoughts on “What a Difference a Day Makes

  • I also thought about how quickly things can change – not just in a day, but in an instant. And how much of a difference having the time for reflection and growth does really make. (and like you I also wrote “mine, all mine!!!” – interesting how we reflected on the prompt and the importance of having time to one’s self).


  • Completely original take on this prompt. I loved it, especially the have/have not (or vice versa). At first it was shocking, then I found the rhythm of your writing.

    Every day is a day for contemplation, but Thanksgiving is a day when our entire nation should look away from the football games and their constant reminders about Christmas shopping (which bankrupts too many families) and look within. If your post inspires anyone to do that, I nominate you for World Peace Partner!!!

    Thank you so much for this,
    Amy Barlow Liberatore


    • Thank you everyone! I sort of felt in left field with this post, so I was not expecting many comments. 🙂 I guess I’m in a more contemplative mood rather than a writerly one right now… I wish you a lovely Happy Thanksgiving… I already feel thankful to you all.


  • I can relate to the “worst case scenario” thinking. I wish our minds didn’t go there when they didn’t have to. Worry is so unproductive and a huge sucker of energy better spent elsewhere.


  • Hi April, thoughts are funny thing aren’t they..mabe that’s the good thing about writing in that you can play with them and they (hopefully) don’t become reality..I hope you enjoy your holiday and some quiet time to yourself..Jae


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