I wanted to light the world ablaze with writing 50K works this month. I did, I really did. Unfortunately, my storyline was flawed and my heart fell a bit into my solar plexus. Still, I couldn’t let this month go by without making any progress at all. After some serious mental friction, I wanted to put the whole thing into an old tin can and kick it to the side of the curb. Then last night, I had a dream… Something I’d often imagined became a ‘felt experience.’ This afternoon I got to work.

I came up with a 45 (ish) word nugget for my storyline as per the great advice of James V. Smith, Jr., author of, “You Can Write a Novel.” Believe me, I’ve read many books on this subject – tried various writing software – and this trumps them all in terms of the actual nuts and bolts of putting a novel together. I highly recommend it for a minimal amount of explanation and for cutting right to the chase.

And as for my synopsis? Unless you’re a diehard fiction writer, I doubt it would be very interesting to you at this stage.  (For those folks, please email me).  On this rainy November night, I celebrate the creative spark that links all creative souls.

(Thank you to Sunday Scribblings for the writing prompt!)

13 thoughts on “Friction

  • Hello. I saw your intro on the nanowrimo forum for Lompoc. I’m in Santa Maria myself and it appears that most of the people nearby are in SLO. So i have been trying to work out a compromise for a meeting, i drive up, but not all the way, and they drive down, but not all the way. That puts us in Arroyo Grande, which should be easy for you. Please go over to the California: Elsewhere forum and post the San Luis Obispo subboard in support of that plan.

    Thanks. And keep writing.


    • I will pop over there and say hello – I wondered where all the SLO peeps were! I’ll keep writing, albeit at a more realistic pace for my life. Thanks for the encouragement.


  • 50K of even flawed prose seems to me to be cause for celebration … I tend to write at almost a glacial pace … good thing I don’t write for dinner, I would always be hungry!


  • Good luck with your endeavor… glad you had your dream last night, hopefully it will give you just the spark that you needed to make a go of it.

    I had considered signing on for this, however, realistically my daily life and work at this point left me with what I considered too large of a mountain to climb for this year. Maybe next year, maybe sometime far off… but I am aligning myself with words to be told and trying on my own. Maybe it will take me more than a month, but maybe this year, sometime.


  • Hi April, maybe fifty good words are better than fifty-thousand words you are unhappy with.. ..keep going though and yes, it’s good to know others are churning out words too! Thanks as ever for your visit..Jae


  • ah yes I signed up for the nov. 50 K debacle. At least for me. So far I have not made my goal one day. Seems like I am destined to be a little short but I will strive to fight the friction within and get as far as I can.


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