I wanted to light the world ablaze with writing 50K works this month. I did, I really did. Unfortunately, my storyline was flawed and my heart fell a bit into my solar plexus. Still, I couldn’t let this month go by without making any progress at all. After some serious mental friction, I wanted to put the whole thing into an old tin can and kick it to the side of the curb. Then last night, I had a dream… Something I’d often imagined became a ‘felt experience.’ This afternoon I got to work.

I came up with a 45 (ish) word nugget for my storyline as per the great advice of James V. Smith, Jr., author of, “You Can Write a Novel.” Believe me, I’ve read many books on this subject – tried various writing software – and this trumps them all in terms of the actual nuts and bolts of putting a novel together. I highly recommend it for a minimal amount of explanation and for cutting right to the chase.

And as for my synopsis? Unless you’re a diehard fiction writer, I doubt it would be very interesting to you at this stage.  (For those folks, please email me).  On this rainy November night, I celebrate the creative spark that links all creative souls.

(Thank you to Sunday Scribblings for the writing prompt!)

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