Update on Novel Writing Software

…Specifically yWriter and StorYBook.  I wrote an indepth review of each, but I wanted to give a quick commentary on some hands-on writing experience.  I’m using both just to see which I’ll prefer in the long run.  So far I like them both for different reasons, lol.  I love the ease and friendliness of StorYBook.  I love that I can have multiple strands organized in a storybook format.  What I’m not crazy about is the customer service  – I’ve written the developers twice and have had no response.  Maybe I’m doing something wrong or they’re on vacation or… I really hope it’s not that they just are not available and could care less.  There is a forum so I’ll try to ask my questions there…

In regards to yWriter, I love that the developer is totally on top of questions – he doesn’t have a lot of time, but he always manages to respond to requests for info.  Plus, everything in yWriter is very easy to find and use.  I can’t wait to write more just to see what it will do.

And that brings me to writing… I’m in research mode still and will be there for a while.  It’s tough when your fingers are itching to just WRITE and yet you know you CAN’T because there is too much info you still need.  Frustrating!  I do have some great chapter quotes that are accumulating though… Will try and post one or two tomorrow.

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